Starbucks Christmas cups

In social media there were several complains about how Starbucks (the coffee shop) only had several Christmas designs in their cups, and they didn't even last very long before they removed them. These Christmas designs were removed because it was known that some people did not have the same religious beliefs as others. This offended some of them.

The people who got offended for it; claimed that Starbucks had to have something against the holiday and the Christian religion. They felt that there was this “war on Christmas”.

In my opinion , i think that people were over reacting in this situation. I mean, they are just cups. Cups that you use and just throw away. There is no need to get so offended by something as irrelevant as a Starbucks cup. Also if the cup didn't have anything written on it that anyone could actually say it was offensive then there is nothing anyone could really complain about.