How are professionals defining “personalized learning”?

We recently tapped into some of our professional networks to find out how they define personalized learning. It comes as no surprise that the definition means something a bit different to each person (as alluded to last week). After all, “personal” is in the name.

How do you define personalized learning at work?

  • Learning should contribute to big-picture success, both on behalf of the individual and the business:

“Personalized learning is the creation of a tailored plan that fits my needs and wants now and in the future, and a plan that is shaped by the business and its needs now and in the future. Personalized learning should be inspiring, to make me want to work, learn, and to return. I want to know that the work I’m doing will provide some benefits to me in my career down the line.” — David, UK-based Business Development Director

“Personalized learning to me is giving me direction based on my needs to make my job requirement, and is based off my learning ability. Whether it be training courses, supervisor instruction, or on-the-job training, it would be customized to me, yet for [the benefit of] the patient.” — Cady, Wisconsin-based CPO Technician

  • Platforms and technologies should accommodate any type of learning preference:

“Personalized learning for me is having different platforms available for different learning styles. This could be using adaptive technology that advances the instruction based on the mastery of the student. It could be a traditional classroom/lecture model or individual or small group project-based learning. It can also be in a book study format. It can be a combination of them all. As a third-grade teacher, I do a combination of these for my professional development and also strive to offer personalized learning to my students.” — Missy, Midwest-based Teacher

  • Personalized learning is self-directed; we choose what and how to learn.

“Personalized (or self-directed) learning usually has an initiating event; it’s typically a realization that we have a need to learn something new, or it comes as a suggestion from someone about learning they think might help us in some way. For me, personalized learning means that I am able to align WHAT I learn with what I WANT to learn. There is learning and there is training: learning is always self-directed, or something we do on our own. Training is a direction we receive, with the hope that we will learn because of it. We’re learning all the time, but when learning is personalized, we seek out ways to learn, and we select the types of learning that suit our own learning styles.” — Toddi, Colorado-based Instructional Technologist

  • There’s no one-size-fits-all method for learning:

“Learning is tailored toward helping someone to achieve their goals and grow in their professional development, using a platform in which they learn the best.” — Patty, Midwest-based Senior Benefits Analyst

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