Publishers, Partnering with a Global Platform Makes Sense. Here’s Why.

According to recent Bowker reports, more than 700,000 books were self-published in the U.S. in 2015, and traditionally published books totaled more than 300,000. That’s more than a million books!

Regardless of the numbers, one fact is clear in the publishing world: we’re all on the lookout for new distribution channels for our content. It’s with this in mind that I want to introduce an emerging avenue for publishers to explore — the corporate learning space. For publishers with business-related content, organizations and professionals are a prime target audience since, for them, quality resources are in high-demand.

Companies today have diverse needs when it comes to learning and development. There are requests for different capabilities, like having access to quality content in different languages and formats, or being able to easily exchange content recommendations paired with feedback and ideas. At the foundation of all these demands, is having the capability to reference vetted content, especially in the age of independent learning (using one’s own means to research and find answers — often times on the Internet where information can’t always be trusted). And since professionals crave collaboration through sharing concepts and ideas, shouldn’t we provide them with the most reliable content available, right from the start? That way, when content is shared and new solutions are generated, these solutions are based on accurate information.

In order to share business-related resources effectively, what publishers (and companies!) really need is a system that hosts vetted, multi-language business content, and the necessary collaborative functions that allow professionals to work together on a global scale. By featuring books, articles, journals or videos that have been expertly vetted by publishers (and pairing the resources with access to a global network of experts and peers, along with collaborative tools), you enable learners to put their complete trust in what they’re reading and viewing before sharing it with others in the network. For publishers, this means gaining the trust and loyalty of a whole new pool of readers.

Below are a few additional benefits publishers experience when they host content on a global platform that allows professionals to collaborate and network with peers:

  • Gain more visibility: When a publisher hosts content on a global platform, all learners who login have access to each title, easily discovered through targeted searches. And with the collaborative tools available, learners can share content with peers or other experts at the click of a button. Essentially, professionals share content for the publishers, rather than publishers trying to share on their own. Additionally, using unique tools, publishers are able to combine chapters of different books into lean learning paths. These lean learning paths (popular with businesses) can also be shared in groups within the platform or externally to social channels.
  • Reach a wider professional audience: When a large corporation adopts a global platform for its learning and development program, employees across the entire organization have access to resources they may have never otherwise had access to. One company adoption could expand content reach to thousands of new readers — all who have the individual capability to share content with other readers on a global scale, like their clients.
  • Grow your authors’ brands: As mentioned earlier, publishers have the ability to combine chapters from more than one book by a single author into lean learning paths. This is a great way to promote authors, by providing learners with bite-sized information on any given topic. The more authors are promoted in this way, the more companies may take notice. If an organization builds loyalty to a specific author, they may want to hire that author to speak at a company retreat or to provide consulting services. The opportunities to grow the brand of authors are vast within a global platform.

Today’s professionals are eager to learn and share information. By tapping into the corporate learning space through a partnership with a global platform, publishers gain access to a whole new audience that will promote their authors’ content — and the publisher’s own brand .