Dr. Organics Lavender Oil Gloves — any use?

Dry hands can be hell — they are either sore and dry or lotioned to hell, marking everything and sore.

I received these gloves as a birthday present in May and just hadn’t seemed to have 20 minutes to myself to pop them on and do nothing. However, with himself away, the house in a decent state and a bit of time I made myself a bath and lined up a heap of products to play with.

Ok the chick in the pic seems to be smug as hell — lets give them a whirl.
Easy to use — just pop them on and take them off and there’s no wiping off lotion etc. So defo something that can be done if you are watching telly with a cup of tea/glass of wine!
I was surprised at how heavy the gloves are but they are gel lined.

Finished with facemasks and body scrubs I popped these on and lay back for 20 minutes. MISTAKE. These gloves are heavy and in a hot bath sh*t got real really fast. That said I persevered and peeled them off after 20 minutes — vowing not to do something that silly ever again.

With the heat of the gloves and the bath I couldn’t tell if my hands were moisturised or just damp from being so damn hot. So after a big pint of miwadi I went to bed and didn’t think on about it.

However, people the next day I couldn’t stop feeling the skin on my hands — they felt baby soft!

Here’s the blurb from Holland and Barrett:

The self-activating gel in Dr Organic Lavender Oil Moisturising Gloves contains organic Lavender Oil with a balanced blend of moisturising Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Vitamin E and is infused with an organic cocktail of essential oils including Jasmine, Patchouli, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood, Vetiver Root, Cedarwood and Emerald Cypress Oils.

Just 20 minutes of pampering a day can turn dry, unattractive hands into eye-catching beauties. Simply slip on these organically infused moisturising gel gloves and let their bioactive properties work their magic.

They were €9 and you get up to 40 uses — so I think this is a deal and a half! Defo something to try out!