St. Tropez Everyday Face Cream — Hit or Miss?

I’ve told you I got hair extensions and went a darker colour:

Exhibit A if it please the Court!

All great BUT my makeup was a little too light to not have me looking like a needed a blood transfusion. I’m also too old and too lazy to be putting on instagram-style makeup every morning so what’s a girl to do.

A colleague recommended using a fake tan and here’s the route my mind went:

Fake tan — perfect

Wait… fake tan is going to leave blotches…

Never mind the blotches my skin is going to break out like bejaysus…

Awww… but I want it to work.

So, I hit up Boots on Grafton Street and perused the tans on over specifically for the face.

Too light you won’t notice too dark you are going to look like a tulip.

Enter St. Tropez gradual tan every day face cream… did I dare hope?

You get 50mls for about €20 and a little goes a long way.

The promises are: an even streak free natural healthy glow that hydrates for up to 48 hours and doesn’t block pores. Would a product promo lie? Surely not!

Here’s how I have been using it: In the mornings I put on my serums. Then I use a Realtechniques stippling brush to work the tan into my skin and down the sides of my neck. If I have the time (and usually I don’t) I pop it on my chest. Then I powder a bit and I’m off.

Does it work? I got the light to medium colour and it is working. I don’t want to look tan I just want to look not dead so if you are after colour then this is too light. If you want to look warmed up then this is for you.

Did it block the pores? Not a single pore was blocked in the filming of this production.

Did it hydrate the skin for 48 hours? Who the hell knows — I wash my skin morning and night and it’s been so deliciously warm lately it’s hard to tell. That said my skin has not been dry or looked patchy at all.

If you want to apply makeup on over this then go for it — just wait until its touch dry — use the time to brush your teeth, meditate, wish your enemies well or make a smoothie — and go to town.

I might try the darker shade when this runs out just to see how dark it turns out?? Dun dun dun… stay tuned.