Wanna play with your eye and hair colour in five minutes with no commitment? Hell yes you do!

And what was Lucy people — Lucy was HERSELF!

You want to play with your hair colour but there’s a number of reasons for not:

  1. The last time you coloured it you spent three years trying to recover from the damage #truestory;
  2. You don’t have the money to get it done properly and what you want isn’t going to come out of a box #learnedthehardway;
  3. Your job wouldn’t really accomodate mermaid hair #harshreality,
  4. You will probably change your mind tomorrow and want something completely different #commitmentissues.

So my darlings what is hun to do when you want to play but you have to be a grown up? Well you download free hair and make up apps and you play away to your hearts content!

These are some of the best ones:


Hairstyles by ModiFace

Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover

Have fun!