You are wonderful as you are!

Me today as I tried to work out why we have to ‘pretend’

I love make up and products and consider them my grown-up games/toys whatever. That said, I think it’s really important sometimes to draw breath and say — it’s ok to just be today — just be.

What the hell does that mean? It means if you were up half the night with the new baby, kids, flu — whatever it is ok to just get out the door. No concealer to pretend you aren’t tired. No foundation to hide uneven skin tone. No fancy hair or nails never mind shaved legs or killer ‘I didn’t try’ outfit.

As many days as I spend trying out products I spend an equal amount with zero make up on and I catch my not-styled hair up and just get out the door.

To the mammies out there: you made a human being and you spend 99.99% of your time trying to keep everything balanced. We don’t need you to wear concealer to pretend it’s easy and all is in order. We think you are amazing as you are.

To the students reading this: you go to school or college to learn, to create a better life for yourselves and hopefully a better place for all of us. You don’t go to school or college to look pretty for anyone else.

To those working: you are hopefully doing something you love or you work to provide yourself and maybe a family with a life you love. No one needs you fake tanned for that.

When I think of the people I love and the people who love me I have never once based that on them having ‘flawless’ skin or nailing eye-liner. Hopefully you have or will have someone who has told you first thing in the morning, with crazy hair, morning breath and greasy skin that they love you.

You are wonderful. You are loved and product and make up is just a toy for you to play with. x