Together We Rise To Take Back Education

Yesterday, someone really dear to me asked me if I’m taking over the world….I’m not really a “take over the world” kinda gal….but I am passionately dedicated to taking back education…and that is exactly what we are going to do.

We are taking it back from the people who control it, but have never taught in a classroom. We are taking it back so we can give it back to the people who have the very real responsibility of preparing kids for the world, preparing them to care for it, to care for each other, and most importantly, to do something real in support of the things they care about.

We are taking back education so that everyone who shows up to work in our schools can show up fulfilled, empowered, and free to do this work and to pay those very traits forward to our young people.

Scientists are not factory workers. Nor are engineers, artists, programmers, doctors, or musicians, yet we hope to grow those very things from a system that works like a factory. We hope that teachers who are told, “just do what you’re told” can create the next generation of innovators. Our children deserve better, and our future depends on us.

I know this is a big mountain to climb, and some might think it’s impossible, but it’s not. We can do this…peacefully….together.

I had a teacher tell me the other day, “thank you for caring.” As I thought about those words for the next couple of days, I realized that caring is not enough. Caring doesn’t give us anything in return. Caring without action deprives us of the very things that make caring worthwhile. Caring without action is like sending your deepest hopes off into the wind. Caring coupled with peaceful action invests your hope and provides a phenomenal return that grows and grows. What comes back is fuel to keep going. To have an impact. To make a difference. So yes, by all means, please care. But care enough to do something so your care is not wasted.

We are going to do something incredible here. We are going to make history together. And we are starting now.

If, like me, you care about these things and want to be a part of the team that is creating a true and lasting win, reach out.

For those of you who dive in with me, this is a moment we will all look back on and say with great joy and awe, “we did this.”