Waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant

Billions of tons of wastages are available in all over the world. We can’t burn or landfills those tyres due to pollution problems. There is no other use of th ese waste tyres. So, we at Infogate Limited have found a solution for this wastage tyre. We separate all content from wastage tyres and make it completely renewable process.

Tyre to oil pyrolysis plant feautre

Waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant

1.100% wastage tyre recycling is achieved (No churn left af ter the process). 
2. No chemical ingredients are used in process (environment f riendly). 
3.During and after the process; no soil, water or air pol lution is observed. Creates economically valuable products out of wastage t yres (These are industrial product that have a good market value and demand).
4. The most cost-effective wastage tyre recycling technology i n the world. 
5.Raw material (wastage tyre) is cheap and easy to provid e. These are the by-products of tyre production. 
6.Each recycled ton of tyres preserves 10 tons of CO2 that is a major green house gas. 
7.It is a 100 % pollution free process, thus making eco-fri endly environment. The process can be applied to all rubber based materials. 
8. The system creates an alternate source of energy to repla ce petroleum products and natural gas. 
9. System gives the opportunity to governments and local a dministrations to deal with the wastage tyre problem to a great extent. 
10. The process of Pyrolysis has duration of 4 to 12 hours, de pending on the quantity and size of tyre (car tyre, truck tyre, etc.). During the process differen t vacuum values are applied in pre- determined temperatures and in different phases. Diffe rent gases are obtained and the condensed gas is stored as a fuel-oil in tanks.

The Perfect Solution (Pyrolysis Process):

The Perfect Solution (Pyrolysis Process): Pyrolysis is the decomposition of organic compounds unde r oxygen free (anaerobic) atmosphere that produces gas, oil, carbon black and steel. Efficient indust rial Pyrolysis is a process to treat the rubber and industrial plastic wastage as well.

As a result of pyrolysis of wastage tyres one obtains

Fuel oil application

1. FUEL OIL (40% to 45%) The main oil product produced by our recycling application is the fuel oil that is wide used for industrial and commercial purposes. The oil has 40% to 45 % of the amount of recycled scrap tyres, which will be carried with licensed tanker trucks.

2.CARBON BLACK (30% to 35%) Carbon Black is the main product recycled by Pyrolysis tech nology. The amount of recycled carbon black is 30% to 35% (depending on the type of tyres) o f the total amount of scrap tyres recycled in the system. Carbon black is used as raw material or main ingredient in many industries and the chemical structure of carbon black strengthens, lengthens th e endurance, and improves the coloring features of the materials.

Carbon black application

Carbon black produced by Pyrolysis process (CBp) is more eco nomical compared to carbon black produced primarily from petroleum and is more price-ef ficient to be used as an ingredient in the industries listed;

Electric cable jacketing

1.Conveyor band

2. Carrier Bands

3. Hose and doormat

4. Black nylon bag

5. Rubber additive

6. Automotive spare parts

7. Heat isolation

8. Black colorant in rubber materials

9. Plastic pipes

10. Industrial rubber products

11.Fire fighting

STEEL WIRE (10% to 15%) Tyres contain steel wires and the amount range of 10% t o 15% of the total tyre wastage. All of the steel present in the tyre can be detached after pyrol ysis recycling process in completed. Valuable steel wires are pressed and sold to steel and scrap dealers.

GAS (10% to 12%) Non-Condensable gases arise during the pyrolysis process. Some advantages such as….. It has higher calorific value as compared to Natural Ga s.

1.It can be replaced where Natural Gas and Propane are st ored. ? The high energy gas may be utilized as a source of ener gy for the Pyrolysis process.

2. The amount of gas generated in the system is 12% to 15% of the total amount of recycled tyres and considering the 10 ton scrap tyre/day recycling capacity, the facility generates 1200–1500 m3/day gas, which has an enormous energy potential when evalu ated.

Technical Detail of tyre to oil pyrolysis plant :

This is a batch process system.

The wastage tyres are fed into the reactor vessel and he ated under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure.

The process will bring about molecular restructuring of t he rubber under the pyrolysis process as the result; furnace oil in gaseous form is produced along with other gases. These vaporized gases are passed through heat exchanges, where in the furnace oil is condensed into liquid form.

During the process, carbon black and steel are also genera ted.

The heat exchanger uses coolant water, as a condensing me dium and this water is re-circulated through process.

These systems can be operated 24/365.

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