Holiday Retrospective — Cavtat, Croatia

I just got back from one of the greatest holidays and I’m feeling the need to reflect and having something besides photos to remember the highlights. We chose Cavtat because of the consistent weather, warm sea and I was yet to visit Croatia.

Previous holidays have been based around far too much sightseeing and not much downtime. The purpose of this holiday was to relax and only think about what to read (easy, chick-lit novels), drink (good ol’ sauv blanc and cocktails) and eat (seafood!).

Capturing sunsets at dinner

What went well?

Warning: Some of these things I may get easily excited. It could be because I’m Australian and still relatively green when it comes to European summer holidays.

  • SANDLESS BEACHES! I feel like a traitor for saying this (sorry Australia) but it is amazing jumping off rocks into the sea. There is no sand stuck to your body and you feel clean!
  • The ice-cream and seafood consumed daily. The seafood was fresh, delicious and not expensive.
  • Everything was relatively inexpensive compared to London. We were ordering high quality two course dinners with a bottle of wine for a total of around £60.
  • The hosts for our apartment were just lovely. Their favourite word was super. We made our booking through as I’ve had bad experiences with Airbnb lately with hosts cancelling before trips.
  • A self-contained apartment meant we could also cook for ourselves. A bonus was the killer view from the balcony.
  • Dining with a view of luxury yachts parked into the local harbour. It strangely made me feel quite fancy.
  • The airport was four kilometres away. Do you realise how nice a ten minute transfer from the airport to the hotel was?!
  • PAYING FOR SUN LOUNGES. This might not sound like a positive, but I would rather pay for a sun lounge to lay on all day instead of everyone reserving with their towels at wee hours in the morning and never using them (all inclusive resorts, I’m looking at you). And of course if you pay extra for an umbrella, we could alternate between being in the sun and shade.
  • Standup paddle boarding was amazing. It was nice and calm, except for some ripples when boats drove past. The only time I freaked out a little was when we got to the deep ocean and I was imagining shark figures underneath me. Again, being Australian, I can’t shake off a niggling fear of sharks.
  • The water temperature was just perfect — warm but refreshing which made swimming amazing. We alternated swimming locations daily.
  • Everywhere was walking distance and it was super handy having everything in the one place. No tube or taxis required!
One of the local swimming areas

What didn’t go well?

Warning: I struggled to find fault with this holiday so please excuse these lame, minor complaints.

  • Towards the end we thought we should at least check out Dubrovnik. It was too hot to walk around the city during the day so we took a ferry to a Sveti Jakov beach. We were taken on a detour and I ended getting a bit hangry (official definition: bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger) as it was not possible to get food there. Service at the only restaurant was not possible. The beach was crowded and not as lovely, I was now spoilt and missing Cavtat. Despite having a scrumptious dinner and relaxing stroll around Dubrovnik later that night, I felt we spent much of the day riding and waiting on ferries back and forth when we could have been swimming and laying in the sun. I think it was mainly because it was the second last day so time was becoming precious.
  • Against better judgement to organise, we had only one measly Trello card on our board that had listed places of interest and restaurant suggestions put together at the last minute. Next time I’d like to have done a little bit more research on restaurants or at least decided on a place for dinner in the morning before we set off. But this really wasn’t a big deal, we only had one mediocre dinner.
View from another local swimming area

To sum up, this was a very pleasant holiday and I would like to do this type every year. Don’t feel the pressure to sightsee everyday, living like a local for a week in a different country is such a super experience!