Sharing Economy — creating value or causing problems?
Shruthi Shankar

You have described the uncertainty we are experiencing with globalisation. The changes to the way we live have been so fast that rules and regulations have not caught up. While many find the laws and regulations a barrier to being successful in business they have been developed over time to keep businesses and the public safe.

I feel quite positive about these changes; I think even without the rule being in place these services are vital to the global economy. Many of these P2P providers have constructed the business model where if the person is not providing a quality product or service they will not be successful. With Uber, there has been some NZpress of late, as they will cancel the contract of any driver that does not have a good rating. The main issue they are going to court in NZ is that Uber has not identified what the definition of an excellent rating is, the Uber driver being interviewed on the radio said he thought it was about 4.5.

Some of the issue that you covered in regards to the ethnic bias and the “working poor”. I think these are complicated issues and do not just pertain to the issue of globalisation. That being said it doesn’t appear to be part of the solution either. I do wonder how New Zealand rates in these type of issues, and could we all be doing something in our daily lives to help.

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