Setting the Retail Standard — Tekno Products Inc

What comes to mind when you’re out shopping for anything? Probably not the manufacturer of that product you hold in your hand. What’s behind a product? Actually, the better question to ask is what makes a good product good? Let’s examine the leading innovator of direct response products in the market.

Founded in 2011, by Nick and Jeff Kurani, Tekno Products Inc. has become a retail phenomenon. They manufacture products for several retailers in the US under their own private label. The company is behind the hit direct-response products such as Draw Jammies, Handy Grill Brush, the Perfect Hose, and more. Working as a father and son team, the duo are marketing geniuses.

Look for a void to fill — that’s the philosophy. What aspect of daily life can be improved or made simpler? A product is only as good as the problem that it alleviates. Put a problem solving product into nice, explanatory packaging so that the consumer understands it and you just took your first step in the path of making a hit product. Bundle that with superb customer service and you’ve got a winner.

Tekno Products Inc. shows us once again that quality triumphs in the end.

Next time you purchase something, just remember — there’s a story behind every product that sits on retailers’ shelves.