One Simple Trick to Avoid an Uber Problem

Some Dudes at Work Are Creepers

Every woman I know in tech has been here. A random co-worker gets a few drinks in him. He makes an excuse to pull you aside and then comments how beautiful you are. He touches your hair, or worse, strokes your leg. It’s tremendously awkward and forces you to come up with a graceful exit that won’t make things irreparably weird. As a woman and coworker, it makes you paranoid. Did I do something to solicit this? He’s powerful — is he going to intimidate me so I don’t make him look bad?

Political Correctness Does Not Stop Creepers

Here is a memo to liberals. Men’s sex drives do not turn off as soon as they hit a politically correct work culture. Men still stare at women’s chests, legs, you name it. They still waste time saying stupid things to impress women, when they should actually be doing work. It’s embarrassing, but just part of life.

If I could give any advice to CEOs to avoid having an Uber problem, it would be this: it doesn’t take an Eric Holder to deduce that firing a person for sexual harassment will in fact curb harassment. Don’t “let them resign” — fire them. The bigger an example you make of people who are clearly over the line, the better this will work.

Don’t make excuses and then wait for this come out in the press. I don’t care if he or she has a mortgage or kids. That person should have thought about that before putting your entire company at risk. Uber’s entire recruiting culture is now tainted, and will be for some time. People do not want to be labeled sexist and racist assholes because they ended up working for your company. They don’t want to have to defend your culture when its toxicity leaks out to international press.

Good talent is hard to find. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to avoid hiring people who are jerks. They are like toxic cancers who prevent you from attracting and keeping the best and the brightest.

If someone in your company is harassing or going agro on coworkers, it’s their own fault. There’s no excuse. We live in an era when we can literally swipe right on our phones and end up having sex in two hours. We live in an era when we can take out our aggressions at a gym, 24/7. We can throw a rock and hit a yoga or meditation studio. Why should anyone have to be aggressive at work? We have some of the most comfortable lifestyles on the planet.

So let’s review: