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Texas was supposed to go blue this year. Instead, Republicans ran rampant, and now we’re about to be crushed in redistricting. What happened?

Today, Beto O’Rourke put out an email blast explaining why Texas did not see the giant blue wave we were expecting. If you don’t subscribe, you can read it here:

The TL:DR of this is:

  1. The Democratic Party didn’t show up, either face to face or digitally, in Texas.
  2. The national message for Democrats doesn’t work everywhere, and didn’t work in Texas.

While I don’t disagree with either of these sentiments, I don’t think recognizing them is enough. Why? Because Beto did all these things. He raised a ton of money in a state with race and age demographics…

Some Dudes at Work Are Creepers

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Every woman I know in tech has been here. A random co-worker gets a few drinks in him. He makes an excuse to pull you aside and then comments how beautiful you are. He touches your hair, or worse, strokes your leg. It’s tremendously awkward and forces you to come up with a graceful exit that won’t make things irreparably weird. As a woman and coworker, it makes you paranoid. Did I do something to solicit this? He’s powerful — is he going to intimidate me so I don’t make him look bad?

Political Correctness Does Not Stop Creepers

Here is a memo to liberals. Men’s…

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Tacos > Trump

It’s safe to say that as a woman and someone who has sympathy for minorities, LGBT people, 400 pound hackers, the disabled, contractors who don’t get paid, or any of the countless people he has offended, Trump’s popularity baffles and even depresses me.

After talking with friends, I realize I’m not alone. Several of my friends have landed back in therapy. A few have cited symptoms like chest pains and panic attacks, which they directly attribute to the election. The empowerment of people like Trump is not just a funny SNL skit for some people. …

Michelle Greer

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