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Dear Event Organizer,

I get it. Running an event is complicated. You’re dealing with the venue, catering, scheduling, AV team, budget, getting butts in seats, and pleasing the powers that be.

But, my dear event organizer, we need to have a serious conversation about not paying the people who make your event worth attending.

The speakers.

I doubt you are paying the caterers, the AV team, and the marketing team with “exposure.” Or by saying that our event is so prestigious that these companies should be excited to participate and waive their fee.

Being professionals, they would laugh and hang…

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2 childhood lessons I spent 30 years unlearning

Remember, when you were in 2nd grade? Sitting in those uncomfortable desks that housed all your worldly-school possessions. The teacher poses a question to the class…and there was always that one kid…

The kid you thought was about to dislocate his shoulder.

The kid who someone lit a hot fire under his ass because he was jumping out of seat crying “Oh, Oh, Oh.”

The kid who begged for the teacher to “Pick Me! Pick Me, Mrs. Ryan! I KNOW the answer.”

Friendly and kind Mrs. Ryan would scan the classroom and rarely if ever pick that kid.

This kid…

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.

CEO of Communication Rebel helping speaker make a bigger impact with their message while building a speaking business.

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