Will KeenLAB bring Cydia download iOS 11.2 soon? iOS 11.2 has been released

If you are a devoted Cydia lover, we are sure that you always keep an eye about the updates in the jailbreak community as well as in the Apple Inclusion. The tech giant made its eleventh chapter of the mobile operating system public on last 19th September. Now this V11 is nearly more than two months old. But, no security researching team got success with penetrating through this giant OS chapter. What I need to emphasize you all is that Cydia download iOS 11.2 is unavailable at the moment because of the lack of a jailbreak tool.

Will Cydia download iOS 11.2 become possible soon?

It seems to be that the Apple Inclusion is so much worried about their novel OS edition. When paying the attention to the effort which is made by the company in order to prevent the possibility of Cydia download iOS 11.2, is huge. I am with a doubt of an upcoming jailbreaking solution for the iOS 11 Cydia download.

What will be the future of Cydia download iOS 11.2?

After the MOSEC 2017 demonstration which was based on jailbreaking of the second developer beta phase of the eleventh firmware edition, the security researching team, Tencent KeenLAB did not make any statements regarding any upcoming jailbreak tool for the V11. What they mentioned was that it was done just for showing the possibilities of iOS 11 jailbreak.

This time they are again back to the stage with another demonstration which was held in POC. The video clip of this demo is going viral on all the social media platforms these days. In accordance to that video clip, the developer credits for this tool go to Liang Chen of the team, KeenLab. This tool is capable of jailbreaking the iOS 11.1.1.

What‘s hot about the iOS 11.2?

One of the promised features that we were looking for through this update is “Apple Pay Cash”. Finally; it is alive for US. Other than that, the effect of faster wireless charging is available for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 of the latest iPhone lineup. Furthermore; now you have the potential of manipulating AirPlay 2 iDevices through the Control Center. Consequently; you have the chance of switching among numerous different playback destinations without any trouble. That is wonderful, isn’t it?

Number of visual changes can also be notified as follows.

• A fewer amount of emoji have got novel artistic features

• Waiting animations are available for the Live Photo Effects

• Album art icon is square shaped

• Wallpapers which are available with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are now available for any iPhone model

• Lock screen shows the location of the Control Center using a tiny indicator

Winding Up

Just consider the above- mentioned fascinating features. What do you feel? Do you still need to have Cydia download iOS 11.2? I think that you do not. The latest OS chapter and the latest iDevice lineup are superb in all sides.