Strengthen Your Core To Own Your Super Power With One Simple Movement

Michelle Andrie
Mar 13, 2019 · 4 min read

You are super powerful!

What do you care about so deeply that you will perform superhuman feats to get results? Which part of your life do you live so fully that people say, There’s no stopping you?

Find your superhuman strength with this one simple core building movement. You’ll be surprised by how powerful you are! Connecting to your firepower will guide you through any challenge that life throws your way.

Read about how I found my superpower.

All because of Cher

My daughter, Hannah wanted to go to a Cher concert when she was twelve years old. I bought her surprise tickets for her birthday. She was so happy she jumped up and down for about 5 minutes belting out “If I Could Turn Back Time”, at the top of her lungs.

Soon we found ourselves on the lawn of the amphitheater in Dallas, Texas surrounded by men dressed up as Cher. As the evening turned to night and Cindy Lauper gave the stage over to Cher. The men who surrounded us went bonkers. They were jumping up and down shouting and singing to her songs. Very similar to Hannah’s reaction to her birthday tickets.

One of these men, a big burly guy got so enthusiastic in his Cher joy that he launched himself from behind us and landed right on top of Hannah. I literally, couldn’t see my daughter laying beneath this huge guy.

Blue superpower suit

That’s when it happened. I rose up off the ground in a flash, ripped off my dress revealing my deep blue, shiny Super Michelle suit. (Oh, maybe that part’s not true). Bent over and picked up this 250 lb-ish man by the back of his clothes and threw him up in the air.

Really, he went airborne. As he traveled through the air I yelled at the top of my lungs, “YOU stupid Mother F’er. You’ve hurt my daughter so now I’m going to hurt you!”

I grabbed my daughter off the ground and quickly examined her. She was unharmed. Thank goodness. Once I knew Hannah was okay I became aware of the male Chers around me clapping. I looked at the man I’d thrown a few feet from us and I couldn’t believe I’d tossed him.

Where did I get that strength?

You’ve heard stories of superhuman strength and impossible feats. I’m telling you they are true. You have it in you as well.

Get up. Care so much about yourself that you will throw off that heavy thought of it’s too hard, the belief that you can’t do it and MOVE! Move consciously every day to come back to calm and strength as Michelle Obama did in her book, Becoming.

Love yourself so much that you’ll find your superhuman strength. You’ll kick everything else airborne until you have done your superpower core movement.

You’ll be clapping and patting yourself on the back in no time.

Superpower core movement

Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Place your hands on your belly and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth saying, Haaaaa. Breathing in feel the rising up of your belly as your diaphragm releases down pushing on your belly contents. Breathing out feel the belly dropping back and down as your diaphragm releases up toward your heart and lungs. Keep breathing in and out of your belly.

On an exhale bring your knees into your chest. Inhale, place your arms overhead with your elbows even with your shoulders. Rock to your right side and pull your left shoulder blade in toward your spine and down toward your tail. Rock to your left side and pull your right shoulder blade in and down. When your shoulders have come away from your neck, slowly bring your arms overhead on each exhale. Keep your elbows planted into the floor.

On the next exhalation, extend your feet toward the ceiling. Inhale, bend your knees slightly, exhale extend. Keep going until you are ready to hold the extension of your legs. Press through your heels and make sure your lower back is on the floor and your floating ribs are coming in toward your body. If your lower back lifts off the floor bend your knees until they are at a right angle to the floor. Bring your arms even more overhead on an exhale if you can.

Keeping your lower back on the floor and your ribs in slowly drop your straight strong legs toward the floor until your lower back wants to lift or your elbows want to come off the floor. Don’t let them and hold and breathe deeply in and out of your belly.

Do it!

Practice this one simple movement every day and in no time you’ll be super powering through life.

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