The Femmes of STEM Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays, Femmes and Friends! It’s December 1st, which means the holiday season has officially begun (jk, we all know it started when the retail stores began playing Christmas music on October 31st). As we jump into shopping mode, I thought I would share with y’all some rad Femmes of STEM approved gifts to get for your friends, your family, and yourselves.

If you’re not familiar with the Femmes of STEM, it is a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of women in the history of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Every other week, your host is joined by a modern woman in STEM to discuss their historical STEM counterparts. Our latest episode featured WWII motorcycle racer and engineer Beatrice Shilling, with special guest Stephanie Evans, an aerospace engineer at SSL MDA and creator of the popular youtube account The STEMulus.

In the nearly one year (!) that the show has been around, I’ve accumulated some great resources, wishlists, and reading recommendations that I’ve been wanting to share with you — so here’s the first of four Femmes of STEM holiday gift guides! This list is specifically about gifts featuring rad historical women in science, and most of them come from small businesses so you can feel good about supporting independent artists. I’ll be sharing a gift guide every week leading up to December 25th, so check back next Friday for another Femmes of STEM approved guide!

Pins, Buttons, and Acessories

Women in Science Button Six Pack

Women in Science Button Six Pack, via OKDONTPANIC | $5.00

A super afforable ($5.00!) six pack of pins featuring famous US scientists from 19–20th century. The pins include Rosalind Franklin — the uncredited discoverer of DNA, Jane Goodall — famous primatologist; Mae Jemison — the first African American woman in space; Marie Curie — only person to win a Nobel prize in two different sciences; Hedy Lamarr — Hollywood bombshell, tech babe, and secret inventor helping the military; and Rachel Carson — author and environmentalist (featured in Episode 3 of the Femmes of STEM podcast!).

Marie Curie enamel pin

Marie Curie enamel pin (glow in the dark) via Newton and the Apple | $9.43

Can’t get enough of Curie? Wear her face on your damn lapel, and wear it to the club because this pin glows in the dark. Because… radium.. get it?!

Too soon?

Ada Lovelace enamel pin

Ada Lovelace enamel pin via Anatomology | $8.00

Unless you were hiding under a rock all year, you‘ll have noticed that ALL the cool kids are wearing enamel pins, so here’s a sweet little Ada Lovelace pin to add to (or start) your collection. The piece comes from Anatomology, a small business run by psychology professor Amy Sweetman.

Women of Science tote bag

Women of Science tote bag via Anatomology | $17.00

While you’re hanging around the Anatomology shop, check out this fabulous tote featuring European and US women of science from the 18th-20th centuries. If you dig the art, its also available as a poster and magnet set!


Stereotype Clothing

Scientist” sweatshirt via Stereotype Clothing | £35.00

For the STEM (or STEM-aspiring) ladies in your life, UK based Stereotype Clothing provides shirts that aim to #changetheface of science. From tops that proclaim the wearer as “engineer,” “coder,” and “scientist,” this brand pushes against sexist stereotypes we’ve seen come up time and time again.

Atomic by Design clothing line + community

ATOMIC by Design | Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

ATOMIC by Design is a clothing line + community for curious girls and women who aren’t afraid to wear their smarts on their sleeves. Funded on kickstarter (you still have a week to support!), ATOMIC is not only producing bold, head-turning shirts, dresses, and accessories centered around the 118 atomic elements, but providing an empowering community for young girls via a private online group, monthly Q+A sessions with real scientists, and a quarterly subscription to Explore Journals.

Science is Rad tee

Science is Rad (Marie Curie) T-shirt via LookHuman | $23.99

And just for funsies, this rad tee. (Another Marie Curie pun! Cause radium! Get it??)


Cards Against Humanity Science Expansion Pack

Cards Against Humanity Science Pack via Cards Against Humanity | $10.00

Y’all certainly know about Cards Against Humanity, but did you know about their Science Expansion Pack? Did you know that profits from sale of this pack go to a Science Ambassador Scholarship for women in STEM? That’s right, all profits fund a full-tuition scholarship for any female identifying student currently in or starting their undergraduate studies in STEM. This scholarship has been funding students for three years now, and at present, over $1 MILLION dollars have been donated to the scholarship.

(Fun fact: the CAH crew wrote the pack with the help of celebrity guest science stars Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy) and Zach Weinersmith (SMBC). Would it have been great if they asked some women in science celebrity stars for the women in science scholarship pack? Yeah, but that’s a rant for another time.)

Women in Science card game

Women in Science card game via Luana Games | $12.00

For a game you can play with a younger crowd, the Women in Science card game by Luana Games is a solid choice. This set includes 52 cards featuring 44 scientists (all women), in which players have to collect cards of the same color to form labs. The first player who creates 3 labs wins the game! Luana Games sells the set on their website, but they have also made the game available for FREE so if you have access to paper and a printer, you can create your own set on demand. (The game is also available in Spanish!)

Persistent Sisters trading cards

Persistent Sisters trading cards | $6.00

While not specifically focused on women in STEM, the Persistent Sisters trading card series includes familiar faces among their series of trailblazing women to inspire, empower, and motivate. The Persistent Sisters also sell merch and gift sets featuring pins, totes, and journals.

Art, Prints, and Coloring Books

Women in Science postcard set

Women in Science postcards by Rachel Ignotofsky | $16.00

If you have not checked out graphic designer Rachel Ignotofsky’s science themed illustrations, then you’ve been missing out — but you’ll have been especially missing out if you didn’t catch her 2016 book Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World! If your favorite thing about the book also ends up being her illustrations, then you’ll totally want to nab this postcard set. You can also purchase individual prints via Ignotofsky’s etsy shop!

(BTW, a book-centric Femmes of STEM Holiday Gift Guide is coming soon, so if you’re feeling left out of the great lady sci reading list, don’t fret, check back next week.)

History of Science linocut prints

History of Science lino block prints via Minouette | $39.00

Another great set of STEM prints can be aquired via Canadian artist Ele Willoughby. Her linoleum block prints feature famous women in STEM such as 19th century botanist and photographer Anna Atkins, 20th century seismologist and geophysicist Inge Lehmann, 17th century entomologist and scientific illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian (featured in Episode 6 of the Femmes of STEM podcast), and 19th century Russian mathematician Sofia Kovaleski (featured in Episode 8 of the Femmes of STEM podcast). Ele herself is a scientist with a PhD in marine geophysics from the University of Toronto.

“Beyond Curie” poster series

Beyond Curie poster series | FREE

Designed by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya of ATOMIC by Design, the Beyond Curie posters features 35 women in science. The series was created as a way to connect this year’s Women’s March to the March for Science. All are free to download and for sale as prints and wall decals.

“Forces of Nature” poster series

Forces of Nature” poster series via the Perimeter Institute | FREE

Similar to the Beyond Curie project, the “Forces of Nature” poster series is available to download for free via the Perimeter Institute!

Women in Science coloring books

Super Cool Scientists: A Coloring Book Celebrating Women in Science by Sara MacSorely | $16.99

Grab your crayons, pencils, and markers, cause a slew of coloring books featuring rad ladies came out in this past year. The Super Cool Scientists coloring book features modern women in STEM, the Historical Heroines coloring book features women in science from the 18th and 19th centuries, and the Resisters coloring book features rad feminist heroes of the past two centuries.

  • Full disclaimer, I am one of the women featured in the Super Cool Scientists coloring book.

Donations and Activism

Donate to a national or local organization supporting Women in STEM | 500 Women Scientists

Gift a donation to organizations supporting women in STEM! Donations help these organizations grow and continue their support of diverse voices in science.

Consider donating to: 500 Women Scientists, Latinas in STEM

So there we go — the first of four Femmes of STEM holiday gift guides! Are there any gifts missing that you think would make a good addition to this or one of the future guides? Leave a comment or shoot me a message, then check back next week. I’ll be sharing a new guide every Friday leading up to December 25th!

To learn more about women in science and STEM history, subscribe to the Femmes of STEM podcast on iTunes or follow Michelle on twitter @latinxscientist and @FemmesofSTEM.