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Highlighting the Work of Social Media Scientists

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science took place yesterday, and it was inspiring to see so many celebrations taking place not only in my local community, but through the equally important community of women in STEM I’ve connected with online. Over the past year and a half since delving into the world of social media and science communication, I’ve come to follow women who show me the excitement — and struggles — that go along with pursuing a career they love, even though it means being a minority in their field. Real life community is important, but being able to so easily connect with women online has let me grow my network in a powerful way that I cannot imagine achieving otherwise, and being able to take a peek into the lives of other STEM women has helped me with navigating my own journey in science.

So — I’ve been inspired to start a new series of blog posts featuring social media scientists. From bloggers, to instagrammers, to youtubers, to tweeters, I’ll be highlighting women in stem who are putting themselves and their science online. This will be one of four monthly recurring series for the Femmes of STEM blog (the others will be announced weekly), and you can expect to see a new #FOSfollows feature up on the website on second Monday of every month.

This week (month) we’re sharing a sampling of social media scientists who blog. In the list, you’ll find a mix of graduate students, academics, and industry entrepreneurs who use their sites for fashion and lifestyling, career tips, and science communication. Check out the names below and come back next month for a new roundup!

Series 1, February 2018: Blogs by #WomeninSTEM

Series 2, March 2018: #WomeninSTEM of Instagram

Series 3, April 2018: #WomeninSTEM on Youtube (coming April 9)

Did we miss your favorite blogger? Are there social media scientists we must know about? Share your thoughts with us here.

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