Is Target Still Target If It Looks Like A Department Store?
Megan Reynolds

“If you want to buy a bikini top and some Drano, love always finds a way.”

The beauty of Target in the above statement! Plus, I’ve picked up an RX and bought Drano at same register so this hits home :)

I think Target suffers some from an identity crisis. It’s moving towards a more Luxe experience, and yet consumers still think of it as a catch-all place to buy a blender, a banana, and an X-Box all for a relatively low price. I’m not sure fancier digs will change anything as is it’s still the same product.

And it might vary from location to location, but the Target stores near me always look like a tornado ran through them: clothes in the wrong racks, grocery items stuck on the same shelf as the picture frames, the cosmetics aisle is always a jumble of random items — some already opened.

The one thing I wish they would create a separate entrance for is the Pharmacy. But beyond that, the crying children, crazy parking lot and long-ish lines always keep me from buying anything major there.

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