Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

In all of these responses, there’s a common thread — lots of “I” and “me.” That’s quite revealing. Also, in one breath, they’re saying “What did the government ever do for me?” and in the next they’re saying, “Where’s my handout?” It’s such a confusing, self-involved line of thinking — how does one have a rational conversation with someone like that?

It’s also clear that there’s just a lot of irrational white guy anger out there. The world is changing and they feel left behind. Rather than figuring out how to participate in the new economy or getting the education and skills needed to get a better job, they just want to lash out at young people and minorities. It’s all their fault.

No wonder Trump is resonating with them, with his bold faced lies about bringing manufacturing jobs back. That is never going to happen.