You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

First I am very grateful for the women in history who have fought for my rights, but I am not grateful for the women of today telling me that this should be my opinion. You don’t know me, do not tell me what to think, you are as bad as those you protest against. I am not afraid to say pussy or anything else for that matter and I have no fears of standing up for what I believe in. You know what other word I can freely say… Cunt, someone who tells me I am not free to do my own thinking or have my own opinion. Guess who that would be. Just because whiny liberals think I am not strong enough for some stupid march where women degrade themselves by wearing pussies on their head ( oh look, I said that word again) doesn’t mean I am not. I could but chose not to. My right given to me in my free country. Any job I have done, I have been paid equal, I have a right to choose for my body but choose not to get an abortion because I don’t believe in it for me and wouldn’t want tax payers to pay for that anyhow. You have the right to birth control, and abortion, you do not have the right to make me pay for it.I stand up for myself, I don’t need to have 1000 or 10,000 people behind me to be able to do it either. The only reason you crawled out from your safe space or out from under your rock was because others did and you follow the heard. I choose not to do that, I stand for what I believe in everyday, in front of anyone and even if I am alone. I do not follow privileged celebrities, who claim hardship on account of being a woman and then pose nude or grabbing their pussy for all to see. The difference is I show the world I deserve respect and that is how the world treats me. May be if you had some self respect and didn’t expect things just because you are a woman, then you might see things differently. You want things based on your sex, not in spite of it. I want things because I am human and I work for them. I am not the disgrace, you are. Work for what you want in life and you receive them, sit back and walk one day with a pussy on your head and you will only be laughed at. No one is going to take that serious. EVER. You will go down in history but as one of those fruitcakes who did to herself exactly what she claimed the world was doing to her. Seriously you can’t blame Trump, he just took office and as an American I would hope he does well, I sure wouldn’t root for him to fail because if he does then so does our country, surely you people realize this at least.

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