Patriarchy: Men Have Suffered Too

Michelle Catanach
Apr 26, 2018 · 2 min read

In the UK alone, 84 men commit suicide every week, rising to 123 per day in the US.

As much as women have been disfigured by the patriarchy, men have too.

From birth boys are given a very toxic view of what it means to be a “real” man, told to “man up”, that “boys don’t cry”, their tenderness and empathy shamed out of them and replaced with a tough, armoured exterior.

They learn that women are objects, machismo and misogyny becoming a badge of honour in a world that otherwise leaves them feeling lost, disconnected and unsure of who they’re meant to be. They learn to fight for survival, that success and power are everything and without them, they’re nothing.

As a result, men have suffered, suppressing their emotions and only learning unhealthy expressions of anger, often manifesting as addiction and/or violence towards other men, women and — ultimately — themselves.


Michelle Catanach — compiler of #1 Amazon Bestseller Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass — is calling in 20 men to share their raw, honest and heartfelt stories of what it took to break free of the shame, conditioning and toxic masculinity to become the men their heart desired them to be.

Men who have faced their demons head on — and continue to do so — to be a better man.

Men who wear their heart, soul, vulnerability and raw honesty — however messy — as their new badge of honour.

Men who are committed to being ALL of themselves. Thus giving our rising boys permission to be ALL of themselves too.

It’s time for men’s true voices to be heard, for their tenderness to be felt, and their soul to be seen.

It’s time for men to remove the armour that wounds them.

Because as much as the feminine is rising, the world needs the masculine to serve humanity for the greater good too.

To find out more about Boys Do Cry and get involved in the project, visit

Michelle Catanach

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Artist, Designer, Writer, Paradigm-Shifter & Creative Badass.

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