Michelle Catanach
Jun 13, 2017 · 3 min read

It’s tough being a man.

Yes I’m all about empowering women and kids, but what about our men too?

As much as the patriarch has favoured man, this doesn’t mean that man hasn’t suffered.

Men need inner peace and freedom as much as we do.

I see so many men struggling with life, with themselves. Not just wearing a mask but building an entire wall — heck…a FORTRESS — around them.

A suit of armour that tells the outside world that they’re strong and unbreakable yet often crumbling on the inside.

Little boys told to man up, told not to cry, told to stop being a ‘wuss’, to stop acting ‘like a girl’.

Told how to be a ‘real’ man.

Growing into ‘real’ men often devoid of emotion. Not really knowing how to feel. Not knowing who they are.

Carrying the pressure of ambition, expectation, success, the fast car, big house (big mortgage) on their shoulders.

Because anything less somehow compromises their masculinity.

When I look back at my past male clients, there is a common thread.

Disconnection. Lack of intimacy. Loss of control.

The guy who felt stuck, lonely, lost and lacking in purpose, who neglected his health and prayed for an escape that wasn’t as dark as his thoughts.

The guy seeking comfort in food to escape his unfulfilment and monotony of life.

The stressed-out guy eating and drinking himself into an early grave because his worth was riding on the success of his business.

The guy whose self-loathing fuelled his destructive behaviours and inability to hold down a relationship.

The confused guy who got to a certain age and started pondering “what is this all about” before spiralling downwards.

All very successful on paper. Pillars of strength to the outside world.

Yet lost, unfulfilled and detached on the inside.

Seeking an escape.

Alcohol. Food. Sex. Flirtations. Porn. Cocaine. Gambling. New careers. Fresh starts.

Never being able to escape from themselves.

Finding distractions to avoid facing their truth.

To avoid confronting the parts of themselves that they were trying to hide.

You see, as much as women are taught to hide our true self, men are too.

And it’s not easy for a man to admit to feeling hurt, in pain and suffering.

Male pride and ego gets in the way.

Yet if we are to rise as women, then we need to hold space for our men to rise too.

If we are to step into our divine feminine power then we need to call our men to rise into theirs.

We need to encourage our men to live with more heart and soul and to work for more than just the mortgage because life isn’t meant for regret.

We need to encourage our men to care and feel deeply and live with a tender heart because they are the role model for the tender-hearted boys that we want to raise.

We need to encourage our men to have big, bold dreams and do things that ignite their passion and make them feel alive because THAT is what life is really about.

We need to encourage our men to discover and live, breath and speak their truth, their WHOLE truth, so that they can experience true freedom and fulfilment.

We need to BE so that our men can BE too.

PS — Are you a man ready to set yourself free and into the truth of who you really are? Then I want to hear from you. Book your FREE 30-Minute Power Coaching session here: http://bit.ly/2sX303R

Michelle Catanach

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Artist, Designer, Writer, Paradigm-Shifter & Creative Badass.

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