Many people like to say that this administration is something we’ve never seen before. In the world of politics, this is true. In the world of John Hughes however, we’ve seen this play out in 1 hour and 43 minutes of cinematic gold.

Nicola Jane Creative

Dear Mrs. — ,

You probably don’t remember me. I went to college with your oldest daughter. I lived in a sorority house with her. I’ve been to your house. I’ve attended concerts with and went out with your daughter. At one point I called her a sister.

I saw your recent Facebook post showing your support for the 45th President of the United States. I support your right to vote for whomever you feel can best carry out the duties of the presidency. I think we can agree that the strongest pillar of democracy is freedom of speech and…

Love is a Death Cab For Cutie song: Perfectly sun-kissed, poetic, simple and nostalgic all at once.

I was 15 years old in the summer of 2006 when I convinced my parents to let me go to Lollapalooza. My friend Christine and I split up (she headed to Wilco and I chose Death Cab For Cutie). As my parents waited outside the fence, I vividly remember walking across Grant Park as if “New Year” was my personal soundtrack to the stage. I remember the lights, the drums the BAM BAM “so this is the new year”. I didn’t know singers could sound like (better than) the album. By the time I made my way across Buckingham Fountain…

I have a deep profound love for Kanye West. Anyone who knows me, knows this. He’s the background to every screen I own, my home system is called YEEZY, I have stacks of Kanye merch from socks to shirts to sweatshirts. This is a deep love. Most people when they hear this or see this immediately roll their eyes. “Why? He’s crazy!” or “you don’t really love him, stop being insane.” But this is not a cry for help, or way to get attention and it’s true, I will take a deep offense to anyone who questions this unwavering…

I am a bi-racial, Jewish woman of color. My entire life, I have found it incredibly terrifying and risky to speak up and defend myself and the issues that affect me and every “tribe” of which I am a proud member. It’s very easy to speak up when there are Nazis marching down your street, or Klansman walking through your town but what becomes difficult to navigate, are the roads where the “enemy” is much harder to spot.

I’m an amphibian. Not quite a fish, not quite a duck, not quite a cat. Just this thing that lives on…


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