Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

So incredibly sick of hearing the “quit it with your safe spaces and trigger warnings” argument. It is extremely dangerous and here is why:

(1) Trigger warnings and safe spaces emerged as responses to the extremely real but systematically marginalized and trivialized experiences of trauma by real people who are everywhere in our communities, even though they are often masking their trauma out of necessity. 
(2) These phrases have, yes, been co-opted by people who find it convenient to stand on the work of those who have fought to get traumatized people (inc. themselves) what they need. Because trigger warnings and safe spaces are actually important, it was easy to steal that language to uplift illegitimate causes to stifle discourse and minimize the discomfort of privileged people in learning spaces. 
(3) To respond to (2) by demonizing trigger warnings and safe spaces as frivolous “politically correct” laughing stocks of the educated liberal elite is irresponsible and incredibly damaging. It serves to further stuff the experiences and needs of traumatized people and communities into the shadows so that we can ignore their deep impacts on individuals, communities, and systems.


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