Learn before you start up.
J. Westenberg 🌈

I was ready to disagree … but see that folks have beaten me to it! And with some great points. There is more risk at starting anything the older you get..and more comfort/security in staying where you are. In order to teach and encourage entrepreneurship, I want my kids to have businesses now when they can fail. They are not tech “start-ups,” they are kid start-ups — a mowing business, babysitting, pet sitting/walking, a sewing camp. When my 15-year-old’s iPhone recently took an ice bath (“I thought that was for your legs?”), I was so proud that he had the money to buy a new one (yes, we made him pay the $450….we are a teaching family…) without any complaint other than his own fault. This when his friends can’t afford to join him at the movies. The lessons are in starting something, being the front-man, delivering quality service, handling complaints, make improvements/equipment purchases, enjoying the financial and other payoffs, learning what to do with your money, and more. My son is also a soccer ref and I expect he’ll get other jobs, and will maybe be an employee for someone he can learn from. He might even prefer to be an employee. My daughter, not so much is my guess. But the fear of starting their first business will not be there.

Still appreciated the point of view, Jon!