I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

You know — I watched the video, and I appreciate your bringing this to light. However, you say the man was embarrassed and upset… and yet you took this, what could be one of the most embarrassing and upsetting things to happen in his life, and just virally exposed it — naked ‘ass’ (using your word) and all to the scrutiny of the internet, without this man’s permission and without even the decency to blur his face until you had said permission. If you hadn’t done this, then the only people in his life who would have known about this were those he chose to tell and those who were there who might never see him again. But now, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will have seen this. And while he’s certainly done absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and please don’t think I’m saying he has, it’s HIS RIGHT to decide if he wanted the entire world to see his ‘ass’ and his face on the internet!

You are USING him to further an agenda you assume he will agree with or want to be involved in, and that’s not right. You should not marginalize one man for the sake of a cause, no mater how worthy the cause is, because then where do you draw the line between propriety and propaganda?

If you really care about the treatment of this man, go find the public police report on this (it costs a few bucks, but anyone who knows the time and location can get it — it’s public record), get his name, contact him, and ask his permission. Until then, you should pull the video or blur his face. Your message would make just as much impact with a blurry face as it would without, and then you’re not using a man without his consent. I realize you can say you don’t LEGALLY need it, but I’m not talking about legalities. I’m talking about basic respect. You YOURSELF said in the video how indignant it was to leave him there half naked for everyone to see — but then you made sure even MORE people saw him that way. Please think about it.