The initial…

…rush of reality on the first day I went public with my new gender identity and presentation, has settled into a feeling that is calm yet vibrant. I see things in a different light. A radiant beam of warmth, love and joy has enveloped me and guides my actions on this path.

I went public on FB Wednesday, 8/10 and changed my name, gender and photo on my profile. Once again I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive and kind responses. If anyone has taken issue with my transition their voice has yet to be heard. Although I was anxious over the possible responses, I am now relieved, empowered…even emboldened. The trans community in this area is familiar with me as my name has been shared with allies at board meetings and other organizations. I was told yesterday that I am the first, and only “out” transgender teacher in this county (I can smell the news crew).

I am active and helping to make changes in this county and in my town. Our first Pride Celebration is in planning for 2018.

I have presented as male all but the last two weeks of my life. My transitioning has been in process, somewhere in my psyche, all of my life but I just began HRT May 5th. I was sooo not ready to make the final leap into the public spotlight, but the alternative — to remain in stealth mode while I transition for two years — is incongruous with the whole point of my transitioning — to live as my genuine female self.

I really feel fortunate about my experiences so far. Living in this area provides me with a quite different set of demographics than the last town I lived in. People here are very supportive of transgender people and believe in equity for all. It is very uplifting to speak with strangers that happen to see the rainbow flag on my dash. They tell me that they support human rights and equality for everyone, even trans-women! I moved to this area with the intent that it would be a more accepting environment and my bet paid off. All Aces!

This is one lucky girl!

Maybe I should go to Vegas.

If interested in taking me as your Lucky Charm HMU!!

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