Because someone’s daughters will meet my sons one day.

My thoughts on Donald Trump as a mother of boys

We are taught from a young age that if we see something, we should say something. If you hear anything suspicious, report it. Well, I’m officially filing my claim. I’ve seen and heard too much. The man running for my president is a serial bully and “p**** grabbing” offender who is making a mockery of my rights as a woman. Listen up moms and dads, because our kids are listening too. I’ve sat back and watched him in action. I’m embarrassed he has been given the power to appear on national television and speak on behalf of a melting pot of Americans. I’m enraged for the women he has exploited, and the men he’s encouraged with his behavior. Yes, I’m preparing for battle. If our young boys are subjected to four years of his chauvinistic ideals glorified with a pedestal and a microphone, we will be working relentlessly on damage control. I will fight because one day your daughter might meet one of my sons.

I’ve watched and have tried to understand why so many people back him. Make excuses for his actions. No more. When you grab one of our daughters, friends, mothers, sisters, fellow humans, it’s personal. How do I teach my kids to love and respect everyone equally, to lead by example, yet confuse them with condescending messages from the next possible leader of our country? The same way I would tell them a bully at school is not worth their time, I tell them the bully on tv is not worth their time. Until I figure out a better way to explain it to my kids, I will not let them watch him speak anymore. If I allow them to watch him in action, I am approving the likelihood that they will soak him in as an influencer. I won’t let my kids hear his entitled, disrespectful, condescending tone directed at any man, woman or child who questions his behavior. I would be mortified if my children tried to mimic and employ the characteristics of the next potential POTUS.

In the midst of dirty diapers, a messy home, soccer practice and trying to remember if anyone in the house brushed their teeth today, I forgot how personal this is. I am the mother of boys. This is a perspective I share as a mother to three little kids I hope to raise as MEN. Men who will be taught to respect their small but mighty presence in the world. Men who will learn to respect and treasure the earth, men who are kind, who will think for themselves, respect your daughters, give voice to the voiceless and will treat every single human being with grace and humility.

When we remain quiet, the bully always wins. When a bully has a platform, he becomes an example. Today I stand as a mother and a friend. When my friend Tami Farrell (former Miss Teen USA) had to deal with Donald Trump for business, the results were inexcusable. I am not posting a story distorted by the media. This post is straight from the mouth of a friend. Tami spoke up about a few of her many encounters with Donald Trump. I hope her post upsets you as a parent and fellow human being. He wants you to watch. He wants your kids to watch. This man is not allowed to be a role model for my boys. Not now. Not ever.