2016- ‘Let’s Get To Work Every Woman & Man’…

Earlier today, I dubsmash ‘ed Rival Son’s ‘Pressure & Time’ to my advisor…he loved it. I have a deep love for music (a talented musician once, if I do say so myself, hmmm could my music training helped in learning to code? Perhaps! And I am an underground-electronica connoisseur — SouthPort Weekender-UK on the must travel to-do list). All genres from rock ‘Pearl Jam’ (‘The Fixer’ motivating, as I always want to fix broken shit) to soulful House (sprinkle a little baby powder on the floor, dance it off, heeling & uplifting.)

So by following me — you will get a tiny dose of the tracks that motivate me from time-to-time, and yes, gain some insights from a Latina in tech who grew up with American Bandstand, Soul Train and Sabado Gigante! So here I share ‘Pressure & Time’ which resonated with me, at least my interpretation, on many levels…the journey: my entry into tech via the backdoor of an Indian-owned software engineering firm as a receptionist, to a circa 2000 ‘Dot Com OG’ early-stage technology employee, to today, as a hungry digital media founder. So many issues across the board — diversity in tech, economic inequality, feminism/sexism/racism/ageism —the advocacy, activism and conversations blowning up— people are fighting hard. We ALL need to do our part, self-awareness, to dig deep and do away with the conventional structures that don’t create a level-playing field. I could go on and on…I am optimistic about the CHANGE that is happening.

‘Can We Build It Up?…I Know That We Can’...It’s Happening.

(Note: Four white guys. I know. Listen to the message, instead, aiiight.)

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/scottrek59/riveal-sons-pressure-and-tinme

‘Pressure and Time’ Lyrics

Give me only what I need,
it doesn’t take too much to keep me satisfied.
Down to work for my money and earn my keep,
hunger’s got a way to tame a (wo)man’s pride.

(Can we build it up?)
I know that we can,
(Can we build it up?)
Let’s get to work every woman and man.
(Can we build it up?)
With pressure and time,
(Can we build it up?)
I said I’m gonna get mine.

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