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Oct 21 · 6 min read

Rewind Case Study


As part of a group of 3 students we were given a brief to design a set of 4 wireframes for a mobile app where users could search and play any song, artist or album for free. They could then create and share their playlists with the world via their mobile device.

Users would be able to then transform these playlists onto old school cassette audio formats and then ship the mix tape to their friends and family in a beautifully packaged box. Walkman’s were available as part of the gift too.


We then each did independent research on the target market, which was female students aged 15–25. We also researched music of the 80s and 90s, competitive research of other music apps that offer similar services and what makes this app special how we could bring technology and pop culture together.

Research Findings

After a day of doing research independently we met to discuss our findings and compare what we had found out.

Young, healthy trendy millennial showing self care and fun

Our research findings revealed that millennials are very conscious of health and social issues and place high value on self care and relationships. They focus on having fun and value balance as part of their life experience, and technology and music are part of their daily rituals. Many are nostalgic and enjoy retro fashion and music.

The WHY?

Together we delved into the “Why” of this App and the “reason for being”. We explored various different ideas and agreed that the one that resonated best is to “Express care and emotion for others and self through sharing intimate tailored musical experiences”. There could be no better gift than receiving a personalised playlist that took time and effort to create just for you.

The Design Process

Each of us then took this ‘why’ and compiled our personal design inception sheets.

My mind took me on a path to where I felt that the Rewind brand also needed a payoff line — and I chose “Create Happiness, Share Happiness” as the perfect words to encompass the purpose of this App.

The colors I chose to represent Happiness were:

Pink — The universal color of love for self and others. It also represents friendship and affection, harmony and inner peace

Blue — Symbolises loyalty and strength, serenity and dependability

Yellow — Happiness, positivity, clarity, energy and optimism

Purple — Creativity, peace, independence and magic

Brand Personality and Voice

Words that resonate for me were positive, loyal, optimistic, fun, creative and happiness


Openness, sharing, caring, creativity, fun

Images that I felt would represent best would be rounded, relaxed, open and simple

Space and Movement

Flowing, open and fun — representing the lifestyle of millennials who care for themselves and others, place value on balance, health and relationships


The mood would be fun, nostalgic, kind and creative

Mood Board

Moodboard A

With the mood and brand personality in mind I went on to create three my mood board to encompass and represent my design inception sheet. I settled on two slightly different variations of the same theme.

Describing the images contained in my mood board

A & B — Girl dancing and listening to headphones — showing personal enjoyment of music creating happiness for her

A & B — Blue, pink and yellow background with cassette and pink background with cassette — Intended to show ‘old school cool’ and create interest in converting modern playlists onto old school casettes.

Moodboard B

A & B — Stripe pants with socks and lace up sneakers on flowered background — showing individuality and retro style

A — Teenager with ‘’don’t panic’ art — Showing creativity, exploration and fun

A & B — lady with pink headphones — showing how music can enhance emotion. Also depicting self care through allowing time for self with music

A & B — Funky painted wall — showing open-ness, relaxation, and fun combined with “funky” watermark font in background

B — Girl giving flower — showing kindness and personalised gift giving. Sharing happiness

B — “Dear Music” — poster from person thanking music for the gifts offered — ‘clearing my head, healing my heart and lifting my spirits”. This encompasses the purpose of music

Style Tile


I have only used one family of font — Bangla MN, which I chose for its legibility and ‘fun’ rounded shapes within each letter. It is a contemporary sans serif with geometric latin heritage. I think it is a ‘fun’ font as the descenders are rounded and beautifully shaped.


My logo is clear and simple and contains icons representing ‘rewind’ on a radio player.

Icons and Imagery

I have created these to be bright, bold and very understandable. My imagery is representing cassette tape music magic, people sharing fun and having fun together and candy representing gifts and fun.

The Team & Testing

We shared our ideas with each other and made sure that we were going in different design directions on our personal themes. We also shared our process with each other to make sure it was making sense and to see if we could add value to each others designs.

At this point we went separately and designed our wraps and layouts onto the blank wireframes which were supplied.

Blank Wireframes

The Final Product

Final Product — Beautifully wrapped wireframes

A set of colourful and impactful wireframes which would work with Invision to showcase the Rewind App to encourage young females to download the app, create playlists and share them with friends.

If you are interested in seeing how the wireframes work together and move from page to page — click here: https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/FKUFU5ER3WE#/screens

  • Sign in
  • Click on ‘my mixtapes’
  • Click on ‘Dark 90s”
  • Click on ‘now playing’
  • Click ‘Add to mixtape’


The highlight of this project was seeing these pages come to life! I really enjoyed the process of exploring different themes and directions and then translating them onto layouts that I am very happy with. The greatest challenge was the technical struggles I had learning Sketch and the timing was very tight.

As a team unfortunately our one team member was not available on presentation day and it felt more like an individual project than a team effort.

I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process from the initial brief to final product and seeing how it all came together.

Written by Michelle Falgate

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