After reading your article I assumed you were a progressive feminist, the type that understands…
Dumpstah Betty

Don’t mean to offend, Lauren, but I thought same. Your piece was refreshing, but there’s so much anger in your comment responses. And if anger is truly an effective change agent, then let’s get ready to embrace a President Trump.

No, let’s not think about that.

Instead, I hope you will consider this comment in the spirit it’s intended — as a *constructive* criticism. I have so much respect for the time and energy you’ve spent energized on behalf of the cause, to the point I created this Medium account after reading this on Facebook, just so I could leave this comment buried in a whole sea of comments that you may never even see. But as an also concerned female, I wholeheartedly agree there are still some things that need to change. And the venom — towards men, towards women using the common colloquialism (like it or not) of “girl” — the venom works against us, now. The coolest head is the one that prevails.

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