Ug, that sounds like a terrible experience overall. I’m hoping #4 works out for you!
Matthew Lanken

Hi Matthew, I’m interested in finding out who you were sharing that Fast Company article with. It seems like because you addressed the author with “you” in your first paragraph, it was for her, but she knows about implicit bias—she’d just described facing it in the article. She definitely knows that it’s still a real problem in 2016 and especially in fields that are currently male-dominated.

I know you had good intentions, but your response ended up looking like more bias—you felt like you knew more and tried to educate her about her own daily experience.

I hope you can see what I mean and think twice about responding this way in the future. We all have biases that we need to be aware of and work to get past, and being part of the conversation is an important step.

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