So blue. The heartbroken case for Hillary Clinton
Erica Etelson

I care about the glass ceiling over my head, because I care about the cardboard boxes over others’ head, but am often not empowered to do anything about it. It’s not just about Hillary.

I care about the glass ceiling over women’s heads. Why? Because 1 in 4 American women are victims of domestic violence. I had the education and means to get out of that situation. There are literally millions of women in America and billions of women on Earth who do not have that privilege. They do not have the earning power to simply pick up their things and leave if a man hits them. The majority of minimum wage earners in this country are women, and studies show that most homeless women have been victims of abuse.

There are more dog shelters in America than shelters for battered spouses and children. Wrap your head around that. This stuff matters more than we often acknowledge.

Clinton voted alongside Sanders 94% of the time. Climate change, education, you name it. They agree on most issues. Sanders had to differentiate himself on the campaign trail, but there is a reason he is campaigning for her. It’s because he knows it’s essential for progress to happen.

I voted for Clinton. I support Bernie Sanders too. Don’t be scared — we all want a better future, with a cleaner environment, safer cities, and more opportunities for everyone. It’s a matter of working together to get there though.

Hope this helps! I promise Hillary supporters like me are not the devil. We’re just not as vocal online because if we are, we end up getting called names a lot. :(

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