Rationalizing Hillary’s Compromise is Not the Moral High Ground
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

It is easy to avoid big money in politics when you come from a state with four publicly traded companies, with the GDP the size of Google’s quarterly earnings. It’s easy to make hardline decisions when almost everyone in your state is white, and there is almost no diversity. No one will ever challenge you or disagree with you, because there are relatively few interests to consider when making decisions in Vermont.

I live in California, so my federal tax dollars already subsidize other states. My tax dollars also go to Alameda County schools, which are already suffering. The poverty in Oakland is gut wrenching, but hey, Kansas evangelicals need to pay for police to hose down the abortion clinic they set on fire. I just have to accept that my friends’ kids have to go to a crappy school and thank my lucky stars I don’t pay New York tax rates.

For this privilege, I am rewarded with obscenely high housing costs. I would have to work 70 hours a week, just to afford a one bedroom home. Yay, cost of living adjustments!

All you have stated in this essay is that my candidate, who represented a state that also finances other states, is evil. Well, we’re sorry for paying for things like schools and roads and Medicare and stuff. It’s just really expensive already. Adding more cost and bureaucracy seems, well, crazy.

So ok. Hillary is the devil. Got it. Why should I and the people from the three states that pretty much subsidize all of the other 47, embrace even more socialism than we already have? Do you have any idea what a 6% payroll tax means to me? It means I will never hire employees in this country — I will simply hire contractors, or source the work out to software. I’m not even close to the crazy high tax bracket Bernie is targeting, and I won’t ever be with stupid taxes like payroll taxes.

I look at Bernie, and I see someone that the business community will never embrace. There is a reason why guys like Elon Musk move to this country and start amazing companies that employ thousands of people — it’s because our business climate is better than it is in prettier, socialized countries like France. It’s not just big pharma and evil corporations — it’s innovators and all the people who can depose all those asshats. Just give us the chance!

I would kick the shit out of a healthcare startup if I didn’t have to wait 140 days just to be seen by the FDA. The regulations in this country are already stifling — you want to increase the size and power of the revolving door to government even more? So instead of selling into a hospital, I have to sell into the U.S. Federal Government? Gee, thanks!