Observing one of Ted Cruz’s only town hall meetings

Michelle Greer
5 min readJul 7, 2017

It’s everything I’d not hoped for…and more!

I have the unfortunate privilege (ailment?) of having Ted Cruz as my Senator. Yes. Ted Cruz, the least popular member of the entire U.S. Senate.

Ted Cruz likely knows he is wildly unpopular, but doesn’t care because Texas Democrats struggle to get enough funding to challenge him. So instead of doing what a responsible Senator would do, Ted Cruz rarely does town halls with constituents.

A lovely friend of mine sent me an invite to one of Ted Cruz’s only town halls — an event with the Concerned Veterans of America. The CVA is perhaps one of the most conservative veterans groups. They are often unapologetically partisan, so it’s no wonder that Cruz would seek this safe space for his town hall. What was the focus? The issues impacting veterans and their families the most. My dad served in the United States Air Force for almost 30 years, and is a disabled vet. Sure. I was in.

The event primarily covered issues with the Veterans Administration. An odd choice for a Senator who is about to vote on the Republicans’ private healthcare bill, but hey, this is Ted Cruz we’re talking about here. The crowd seemed eager to talk about fixing the VA, and I wasn’t about to stop them just because Ted Cruz hates all of his other constituents.

We begin.

I hid behind that hat so he couldn’t see me. ;-)

The crowd nods as Cruz highlights the VA’s issues. For a moment, I consider the idea that he might care about veterans. He then went into his classic Ted Cruz BS — doctor choice for veterans.

You see, apparently choice is good. It makes the market more competitive. Look at the USPS — FedEx and UPS made them better! It seems like a good idea, until you realize this is classic Cruz. It’s his underhanded way of underfunding and undermining the VA. Pretty low, right? This is the same guy who voted down a $16 billion veterans bill from Bernie Sanders because it was too expensive. Hi. Didn’t we spend like $4 trillion on wars? The VA should be decked out, because our soldiers need to be as close to 100% as possible. If you can’t take care of veterans, DO NOT GO TO WAR.

Some non-veteran liberal folks in the crowd snuck in. One randomly screams, “Pro Choice!” I give her a look, and tell her to please be quiet out of respect. She refuses. At this moment, I recognize why conservatives hate liberals.

Finally. Questions time. A few people ask questions. This could actually be a productive town hall. The liberal social justice warriors recognize that their questions are not going to be answered. Sooo….they hijack this veterans event. One spouts out a bunch of stats about veterans and healthcare that he probably looked up on the internet that day. They yell all the details about the horrors of the AHCA. They seem quite pleased with themselves.

Of course, the crowd of veterans is getting antsy, and is clearly grumbling about the social justice warriors. Hi SJW. I know you’ve been dreaming of this moment all week. Nobody here is buying into your MO here though, and, you just fell right into Cruz’s trap. “Look at the rude, rabble-rousing socialists that ruin God-fearing ‘merica.”

Ted Cruz has now found an opportunity, nay, an obligation, to hear himself talk even more. Way to go, liberal audience guy in Teva sandals. Here’s a gun. I know you hate these things, but please shoot me if he starts talking about the atrocities of insurance mandates.

Instead of politely brushing off the SJW or quickly addressing their points and moving on, Ted Cruz launches into full-on Cruz troll mode. He goes into every single problem with the ACA in excruciating detail. Anecdotes we’ve already heard. Issues. Is he offering any solutions for specific issues within the ACA? Of course not — this is Ted Cruz! Teva sandals guy gave him an opportunity to disparage Obamacare, and he’s going to make sure we hear how awful it is for the 947th time.

Ted Cruz goes on for a good 20 to 25 minutes about the Affordable Care Act. It was like the entire Q&A was a giant filibuster. I realize that Ted Cruz likely does not recognize what a blowhard he is being at this very moment. His fellow Senators on both sides of the aisle apparently hate him publicly and with no shame.

Here’s what I was thinking for those long 25 minutes:

The answer is “no,” Mr. Cruz. Providing more healthcare plans that with fewer protections will NOT make things cheaper. At least, not if your are unlucky enough to get a pre-existing condition or hit by a bus. Publicly-traded, profit-driven insurance companies can cherrypick the healthiest people, and leave the rest to rot. If we actually need insurance, we won’t be able to afford it! Then the C-levels at those companies can take the stock dividends they made on our misery, and go on private cruises to the Bahamas. My God, I can’t tell if you are genuinely consumed in your own dogmatic stupidity, are a psychotic narcissist, or perhaps both.


A WWII veteran to storm in front of me looked prepared to storm the stage like the beaches Normandy. After Cruz’s diatribe, there wasn’t enough time for 99% of the people in that room to ask their question. These people weren’t there for partisan politics. Many just wanted to make sure they could see a doctor when they needed to. Was it the liberal SJWs’ fault? Was it Ted Cruz’s fault? Who cares. I felt bad for that crowd in this complete dumpster fire of a town hall.

My conclusion is simple. Ted Cruz is a robot built in secret by Ayn Rand to spit out libertarian rhetoric at will.

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