(The following views are mine and mine alone as a Korean American who has lived in Korea and has regularly taken lengthy visits back to the country. The following is a response to the VICE piece featuring the group EXP Edition.

Before I delve into my own opinions, I’d like to mention that I very much respect the fact that both VICE and EXP (to some extent) tried to be considerate of all opinions involved. I also do not think that EXP deserved hate or death threats.)

If you haven’t heard of EXP Edition by now, the short version is…

(The views expressed here are entirely mine as a Korean American. I do not speak for the entire Asian American community.)

As you might have heard by now, there’s been a fair amount of coverage regarding the Chinese dress that Keziah Daum, a high school student from Utah, wore to prom. And surprisingly enough, a startling amount of people don’t seem to understand why this has been upsetting to so many Asian Americans.

On one hand, there’s a fair amount of (predominantly white) people that see the garment as a mere fashion statement, and cannot fathom the response made in…

Michelle Hahm

Michelle Hahm is an illustrator, painter, and art teacher. You can find her at www.michellehahm.com.

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