You know this isn’t repeatable, right?
The ups and downs of a “viral” post
John Markowski

I joined Quora in September and had a post go “viral” within a couple weeks. Right now it’s sitting around 300k views and 17k upvotes.

The following month I received a message in my inbox asking if it was okay if The Huffington Post and Fatherly published it on their websites. PSH. YEAH, IT’S OKAY!

Then came the “Oh my gosh, they’re all going to realize I’m a phony! I’m not a real writer and everyone will know!”

I almost wish I hadn’t started off so successfully. Everything I wrote after those two pieces were submitted after hours of agonizing over whether or not they were viral or publishable material. It really stifled the creative process. I don’t write there much lately.

So now I’m sitting here hoping I do (that high you get when you see your stats climb is A-mazing) and hoping I don’t go viral on Medium.