Graphic Designers are Now Recruiting Athletes

The other day I was complaining to my sister about the struggles of being a graphic designer. One of the biggest annoyance I encounter happens when I am working within industries of people who know nothing about design, and therefore do not understand the work that I do. I am talking about scientists, engineers, businessmen, etc. It is evident that they know they need me—they did hire me to begin with. But the problem occurs when they only want to do it their way and refuse to listen to why their way may not be the best way. My sister (who is an engineer) simply put it like this: “they will always think that they are better than you.” Well, that sucks.

But as true as it is, more businesses are starting to realize the pivotal role designers play in marketing today. Here is a video presentation given by Jordan Plumblee and Jeff Kallin, Associative Director of Marketing and Associative Director of Creative Media respectively at Clemson University:

The two touch on a variety of ways people from all departments work together to create a successful brand like Clemson. It is no longer just the coach who is responsible for recruiting. In order for an organization to create a successful team, everyone needs to contribute—even the designer. It has become fundamental for graphic designers and marketing teams to collaborate in order to create cohesive, effective content that tells a personal story. Clemson is a living testimony to that.

Design has the ability to shape the way people interact; it can change the way someone feels about something. And what industry generates more reactions and emotions than sports? So thanks Clemson for acknowledging us designers. Now we’ll just wait for the rest of the world to get on board.