The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism
Joe Brewer

I am fortunate, as a Native person, I have never bought into this “system” I never drank the Gator-Aid…..I am a Grandmother, I live on a farm with 5 other people, we represent 4 generations, all under 1 roof. There is no “put grandpa into a nursing home” thinking here! We do not toss our youth out to fly or fall, we have purpose in our lives, we have roles that need to be fulfilled by our existence. Main-stream society see’s us as dangerous, we pay 1 mortgage, not 3, we pay for 1 vehicle, not 3–4. We share food, we share shelter, we see our home, transportation etc as family ( sometimes community) resources…..we do not feed the capitalistic monster. Over my own lifetime, I have seen so many advertising campaigns that demonize people who : live with their parents, this is not our way, living with your parents and helping them as they age and can do less physically is a privilege. When my Grandson has questions he has 5 adults to go to for opinions, knowledge, etc. Advertising media has made going back to school in the fall, a time to rejoice, “yay, we are handing our kids over to the state to educate them”, my question “what message does this give our children”? my question to parents “ why have children if you want to get rid of them 10 months out of 13? I have heard parents moan about a teachers strike, as it can interfere with their slavery in needing 2 incomes to pay the bills, or when there actually is a stay at home parent, having kids around interferes with their private time…. It is not always easy with 6 people with very different personalities under one roof, we make a lot sacrifices to meet each others needs, but better this than the alternative, eh?

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