One Day You’ll Decide You’ve Had Enough…

Michelle Jaqua

One day, you’re going to be fed up with it all.

It’ll happen when you’re in another argument. You’ll look at the person sitting across from you, and instead of feeling like you need to continue in the misery, sludging through the fights and disrespect, you’ll decide that you don’t want to take the pain anymore. You won’t want to continue through the same cycle again of fight and makeup, over and over and over.

One day, you’ll listen to your intuition, that voice that keeps getting louder until it’s screaming in your ears that this is wrong for you.

There will be that one thing that will happen, that one thing that’ll stop you in your tracks and wake you up to the fact that this is not the life you asked for. You’re going to realize that you haven’t been living for you, you haven’t followed your dreams. Instead, you’ve been living for the wrong things and the wrong person.

One day, you’re going to decide that you’re worth more than this.

One day you won’t want to make excuses anymore. You’ll become tired of living a lie and you’ll stop wanting to pretend that everything is ok.

You’re going to let go of the hope for this false future you have in your mind. You’re going to let go of the stigma that you’re going to fail. Because it’s already failed and you’re ready to accept that and move on.

One day, you’re gonna say “Fuck it”, because you can’t bear to live one more moment in this lie you’ve been living.

One day, you’re going to look around you and your heart is going to turn. You’ll stop being sad, angry, and depressed. Instead, you’ll become ambivalent and resolved. Your heart will whisper to you “that’s enough” and it’ll point you towards the life you truly seek, there it is, just over the horizon, and you’ll have hope again.

One day, Instead of living in the unknown future of the “what if?”, instead of living in fear of being without, you’re going to be so distraught that you’ll decide anything is better than this. That’s when you’ll finally take the fearless leap to live for yourself. You’re going to realize that this is your one and only life, and that you’re wasting it because how you’re living now is slowly killing your soul, and you’ll decide that you don’t want to die inside. You want to live.

One day, you’re going to walk out that door and never look back. That’s the day you’ll take back your power. That’s the day you’re going to live in your heart and not in your head. That’s the day you’ll start to live your authentic self. That’s the day you’ll have a personal transformation.

That’s the day you’ll start your new life.

Michelle Jaqua

Written by

I write to inspire people towards emotional healing and living a passionate life. Sometimes I just write about life.

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