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I’m sitting in my comfy recliner this morning, sipping on my coffee and going through my daily routine of online housekeeping: budget, bank account, Medium account, and my Medium publication.

My publication is one of the best things that’s happened to me on Medium since I started this writing journey two and a half years ago. I’m an inconsistent writer/blogger. When I first started, I’d post something every other day (it takes me a while to create a blog. Even now, it sometimes takes me days), then I’d go days, weeks, even a couple of months before I posted again.

I had a few viral blogs, but that led me down different paths I shouldn’t have ventured, trying to chase the popularity I created, only to fall short. …


Michelle Jaqua

Nurse, Wife, Tarot Reader, Empath, Survivor/Thriver. I write about emotional healing, self-empowerment, and recovery from domestic abuse.

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