My name is michelle jezilleam 36 years old from western cape. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mama Maggie for helping me with all my problems, me and my boyfriend were happily in love for 4 years and time came when he wanted a baby and i couldn’t give him a baby. I tried everything and every where but nothing was helping. My boyfriend started cheating on me and ignoring me every day, i hated myself until 1 day my friend came to visit me and she came with her friend. When we were talking, i started crying because of the stress i had in my relationship. My friend knew what i was going through but her friend didn’t know, i had to tell her my problems. That’s when she directed me to Mama zaujah because she had the same problem for 10 years. I contacted Mama zaujah and the good news is that i conceived after a long time and i had my first baby and right now am pregnant again with twins. If you want to talk to her. Call or what’s app +27784009522