“ I should have used the word ‘refugee’ rather than ‘immigrant’ which is more ambiguous.”
Nick Apex

Oh dear.

‘Show me your research and ‘Show me’. Its not my job to educate you. A five minute search on Goggle Scholar will get you started.

‘Compared to what?’ Compared to a viable living wage.

‘India and Pakistan’. Yes I’m fully aware of that, and if I wish any further information on it I will ask actual Indian and Pakistani people. But hey, thanks for mansplaining.

‘Feminism is about appropriating money from those that earned it…inthe case of feminism, working men.’ Wow. Just wow. Seriously? You really believe feminists want to take working men’s money? As opposed to tackling things like gender violence, reproductive justice, and structural misogyny? You have some funny ideas. Im a feminist, married to a non-elite working man. I don’t take his money. I make my own. You might want to find another name to call me, or at least make some attempt to understand what feminism actually is.

You’re pretty much proving my article right, by the way. You might want to think about that too.

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