Aug 26 San Francisco Counter Protests Roundup & Call for Solidarity

Michelle Kim
Aug 19, 2017 · 3 min read
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Photo of thousands of anti-white supremacist protesters marching in Boston; Stephanie Keith via Twitter/Newsweek

Yes, the alt-right neo-Nazis are coming to San Francisco. They got a federal permit to gather at Crissy Field on Saturday, August 26th, and they are also expected to be in Berkeley on Sunday, August 27th.

People are mobilizing in different circles. Here are some of the protests that I was able to locate, so you can go to at least one of them. I’ve highlighted the one I will be attending.

My aspirational hope is to build coalition and solidarity amongst various organizing groups so we can gather a massive crowd in one centralized location (check out Boston’s inspiring counter-protest), hopefully in Civic Center.

Saturday, August 26th

Events organized in order of proximity to Crissy Field

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Calendar of events provided by the San Francisco Human Rights Commission

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. If you want me to add to the list, just leave a comment. If I made a mistake, leave a comment.

Want to know where I think you should go? Check out my latest blog post for recommendations and to find out where I’ll be.

But let’s be clear — showing up somewhere is better than not showing up at all.

We need all of us fighting against one enemy on Saturday. We can debate the nuances of social justice organizing while doing that. Let’s always remember who the real enemy is and that we must rise together.

Hit the streets. See you there.

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