I Belong to Me.

I Belong to Me.

We’ve all had that point in our lives where our sense of belongingness seems to be so far away. For some it may have been in their teens trying to find a way to fit in, others in their career, their family or simply a wandering soul that can’t seem to settle. In an effort to conform we’ve lost our sense of uniqueness, we’ve forgotten that in order to find a place to belong, we first have to belong to ourselves.

By knowing who we are, by truly belonging to ourselves, we would slowly find where we belong on the outside world. When we are confident in our truth, it is easier to recognize what makes us happy, it’s easier to identify with people with the same values, with the same interests and beliefs. In turn we slowly feel a sense of belongingness, no longer would we feel an outsider.

It’s true, we would always want to be “in with the crowd”, after all humans are social beings, it’s the norm. But we often also forget the power that is within us. The power of simply just being. By simply being we find peace within ourselves, a peace that no other person can bring.

When we are not happy within, we would never find a sense of true belongingness we would always long for something more not realizing that what we truly long for is a sense of one ness with the mind, body and spirit.

Now, I’m not perfect. I slip and forget that only I can bring happiness to myself, that belonging to myself offers the most power. It is when I am at most peace with myself that I can produce a strong energy that operates on a higher vibration.

So what am I getting at? We must remember that we are all connected, our energies are interlaced into an intricate fabric that is life. We must also remember the law of attraction. When one operates on a higher vibration, one attracts positive energy.

Positive energy produces a sense of belongingness including other energies such as love, joy and peace. In a society that operates in the different levels of vibrations, we are attracted to energies most strength and power. Since we are all made up of the same energy our sense of belongingness also comes from those who operate with the same vibration. And the people who are operating on the same vibration as us would most likely be the ones we would identify with, thus creating a sensation of acceptance in society.

Belonging to yourself is understanding that what makes you different from others is the very same trait that proves why you are needed in this world. Belonging to yourself is knowing that everyone is made uniquely in order to complement what is lacking. Belonging to yourself is holding the key to your inner happiness, unleashing limitless power in knowing that you can create and manifest your dreams into reality.

I belong to me. I have the power inside to provide me an understanding of my place in this world. I belong to me. I would maintain my truth and be sensitive to my inner self. I belong to me, I need not the approval of others as long as I approve and love myself. I belong to me. I respect that I am who I am, I need not change because I am told to but should I change it is for my betterment and my soul’s growth.

So tell me now, to whom do YOU belong to?