The Servitude Bubble
umair haque

Agree with the sentiment of this essay. Just a thought though, in order for our world to work (a world I don't agree with), these menial service jobs have to be done — by someone. To their perhaps unintentional credit, service apps give the servants more power and freedom, in my opinion. I’m a servant myself, a social media community manager (how it that even a job!). I labour alright, be it on a laptop, and no it’s not the same as mowing lawns all day, but it’s still a service I’m paid to provide to clients, many of them as entitled as feudal overlords. Thanks to silly apps I’m able to do my work from home, on my own terms. I’m able to spend more time with family, I’m able to cut overheads etc. There is light at the end of this tunnel — however twisted it is.

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