MRSO Certification : The Key To Being The Best Safety Officer

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a medical imaging technique, was invented by Paul C. Lauterbur in September 1971 and he published the theory behind it in March 1973. With its wide range of applications in medical diagnosis, it has changed the ways of diagnosis and treatments that are done in many specialties. Today, more than 25,000 scanners are estimated to be in use worldwide.

Safety Associated With MRI

The most basic of its use include diagnosis and staging of disease, and its follow-up. The use of ionizing radiation is absent in MRI and thus, it is a more safer technique of diagnosis and its use is favored in preference to CT scan. Though, MRI is in general a safe technique but the number of incidents causing patients harm have risen and this has aroused concerns with respect to the operational methods used by the operating officers.

MRSO Certification : Its need and value

As mentioned above, with rising concerns in regard to the safety of using MRI for most diagnosis the need to check the credentials of the MR Safety Officers is on a high. To fulfill such needs, MR Safety Officer Exam has become the stepping stone towards achieving a MRSO Certification to be placed as a MSRO in a hospital or a clinic. As the medical industry witnesses the growth in the rising number of patients with diagnostic needs, it cannot do without prerequisites such as this certification to ensure patient’s safety.

Apart from MRI, the fields of radiology, computed tomography and sonography are rapidly growing too and such growth has created a good demand for qualified professionals. Basically, a MRSO is responsible for executing the MR safety practices as per the official norms and this makes his/her role an important one. It wouldn’t be too much to say that a MRSO is above the doctors during the diagnosis.

MRSO Preparation

It is clear so far that being an MRSO is an important responsibility and to be able to clear a MR Safety Officer Exam the preparation should be optimum. Just like the demand and supply policy of any industry, a lot of MRSO prep academies have come up in the recent times but sadly, many fly by night operators which have ruined the reputation of this MRSO certification. What’s important here is to do a recce of the academies in order to decide on the right training academy for the right education.

The key to success as a MRSO is the right education and nothing else.