I Hired 3 Coaches…Here’s What Happened

Michelle McGlade
Jun 19, 2018 · 3 min read
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I’ve worked with 10+ coaches

but I’m digging in to

three coaching experiences

I’ve had and why they worked -

or didn’t…

and what this means for you

as a business leader,


or service provider.


My first coaches as a business owner

were from Score.org

Check them out!

I actually got to know this org

at a national level

while in Corporate…

I structured a strategic partnership

with them {win} and the company I was working for…

so when I left that season of life

and decided to go in to business for myself -

I looked for support here first.

I met two geniuses {Ron and Dave}…

they were supportive,

they were firm,

and everything they told me was right on…

they were also multi-millionaires.

They helped me to see my genius -

and my faults

I didn’t take all their advice right away -

but looking back

I can see how every piece of advice was spot on

and not self-serving…

even if it was not what I wanted to hear.


Primary Lesson: Opportunity Cost

Given the time or money you put in to a decision

what are you giving up in exchange for that decision.


Hearing this and experiencing it

are two very different things…

A piece of advice that I go back to constantly

for myself and my clients.

A fabulous coaching experience A+

for this and many other reasons

What I learned A+ {aka priceless}


I’ll be the first to share

I made mistakes…

the entire way

in my first businesses -

it’s where I learned about

owning your own business.

BTW I really appreciate

the people who were along side me {so much gratitude}

but there were bumps and bruises…

so when I started online

I wanted to hire someone who knew the ropes -

and I did just that.

Since the first time around I did it the hard way

by myself…

the next business adventure I wanted to follow -

know better = do better

and I hired a coach who was where I wanted to be.

This was a completely different type of coach…

who knew the formula…

tools -

but was not more experienced than me…

actually less in some ways.

But it worked…

I paid her fees in the first month with my results…

and got the insights I needed to be profitable immediately.

Primary Lesson: Hire Someone Who Has Done What You’d Like to Do

No matter how seasoned or experienced…

when taking on something new -

find someone who is doing it…

who is getting documented results…

that you admire…

and use their recipe to get started.

You’ll go further faster.

Honestly, this was a good experience

not great…C+

What I learned A+ {aka priceless}


Here’s the brutal truth…

I got wooed -

from the wrong guy

or gal in this scenario.

I saw someone who was looking very successful

on the outside

but I found they were

mediocre on the inside. :O/

I overpaid…

they delivered -

but it was not what I was expecting.

Now here’s something to remember…

expectations go unmet

when there is no clarity from the start.

Primary Lesson: You’ll learn something from everything

You expect your investment in a course…


or mastermind…

to be the change agent in your business woes…

but that’s simply not true.

You are the change agent -

And if you invest and nothing changes

point that finger back at you!


Coaching experience D-

What I learned A+ {aka priceless}

::::: RECAP:::::

Here’s the takeaway…




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